Helpful Notes for Students

1. Payment details.

Lessons are paid monthly, at the beginning of the month. Students will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month. Lessons can be paid by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

(Usually students pay for their first month of lessons as they go, to ensure they are enjoying the lessons before continuing with lessons and starting monthly payments)

2. If the pupil misses a lesson.

If a student can’t make a lesson, my preference is to reschedule for that week. I require at least 24 hours notice of lesson cancellation, if that is not made then the lesson is lost. However a student can reschedule that lesson for anytime for that week / month at our own discretion. If more than 24 hours notice is given, then the student has the choice of rescheduling the lesson if they wish. If there is no appropriate time to reschedule, then the lesson will be deducted from the following months invoice.

3. If the teacher misses a lesson.

If a teacher misses a lesson then the student has the choice of rescheduling the lesson or deducting it from the following months invoice.


4. Care of Instruments.

I do not lend out my guitars, all students must bring their own guitar. Mainly for two reasons, students need their own guitars to practice on at home, and my guitars are very large and not suitable for beginners.

5. Monthly Emails.

I send out monthly emails to all of my students. These emails contain details on what has been going on with students over the past month, including grade details etc, events coming up, free guitar tips and more. If you begin lessons with Myself or Jack you will receive these emails, so take advantage of the free tips in there :)


6. Obtaining an instrument and other items worth purchasing.

If you do not already have a guitar then you should read the article on how to choose a guitar in the free lesson section of the site here. There is also a list of equipment you should consider purchasing within the lesson.